PhD students (7)

Kristoffer Røed (2012): Socio-technical integration in health care. A case study from a hospital-based laboratory context (defended).

Liv Karen Johannessen (2012): Lightweight methods, heavyweight organisations. Transforming a small tailored product to a large integrated healthcare information system (defended).

Torbjørg Meum (2013): Co-constructing standards in nursing. A socio-technical approach to standardization in practice (defended).

Rune Pedersen (2013): Clinical Nursing Terminology as Information Infrastructure. A socio-technical approach towards process oriented systems (defended)

Eli Larsen

Bente Christensen

Line Silsand

Master students (21)

Kristoffer Røed (2007): Simplifying Technology – Complex Work Practice.

Ieva Vitola (2007): Formative stages of the common medication card and potential challenges with implementation of this service.

Md Eunus Ali (2008): Twenty Years with Teledermatology in North Norway

Gloria Enerlan (2008): Coordinating Resources in Hospitals – Complex Workflow.

Olav Nilsen (2008): Between the Tacit and the Explicit: ICT as a Facilitator for Knowledge Creation and Learning in Physiotherapy Education.

Abdul Shabbir (2008): The challenges, problems and strategies of electronic medical record implementation: a case study of an eye hospital from India.

Oddvar Hagen (2009): To use, or not to use, that is the question.

Neema Shrestha (2009): Information sources for real-time surveillence system

Berglind Smáradóttir (2009): The role of electronic nursing documentation for continuity of care in short-time wards.

Rudeep Piya (2010): Scope and challenges of telemedicine in Nepal: A look towards the future: a case study at Om hospital and research centre Kathmandu, Nepal

Arvind Vaiyampalayam (2010): Teledermatology between modern Indian hospital and less developed remote Indian Island.

Beatrice Bella Johnson (2011): Nursing documentation as a communication tool (a case study from Ghana)

Pritam Shrestha (2011): “Slow and Steady Wins the Race” A Case Study on Infrastructural Development of Telemedicine Services at Dhulikhel Hospital, Nepal

Fatimatou Wefuan (2011): The path to improving the quality of laboratory documentation (a case study from Cameroon)

Gro-Hilde Ulriksen (2012): “The road is made by walking”, Evaluating the implementation of a laboratory system

Myla Østhaug (2012): SMS Usage for Doctor-to-the-Barrio Program in the Philippines – An Assessment of the User’s Perspectives

Alobwede Sinclair (2012): Challenges faced by telemedicine in Africa: Case study from Cameroon.

Ramesh Bhatta (2013): Evaluation of the Rural-Telemedicine program in Nepal: study from the selected districts

Gro Wangensteen (2013): National standards in local setting: Implementing electronic Nursing and Care messages at the University Hospital of North Norway.

Samuel Adjorlolo (2013): Readiness assessment framework for implementing electronic patient record in Ghana: a case of University of Ghana Hospital

Line Nordgård (2013):





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